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The ancient Greeks loved beauty, music, literature, drama, philosophy, politics and art. Their art especially is so very Greek - their statues always represented perfect looking people, with muscles and perfect noses and eyes spaced just right. This is very different from the ancient Romans; in ancient Rome, if someone had a big nose, the artist would give him a big nose in the painting or sculpture. The Greeks would never do that.

It was the ancient Greeks who invented 3 beautiful types of columns. These were used all over ancient Greece to hold up buildings and rooftops and temples. One column had a very simple design. One was sort of in the middle. And one was very ornate.

Be it a vase or a pillar or a statue, the ancient Greeks wanted their art to be visually interesting. Still, they were not going to let a building fall down because they wanted it to look beautiful. What they would do was design the support pillars so that from a distance they looked straight and graceful. But in reality, those pillars might lean this way or that way in order to provide better support. The Greeks were great architects.

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