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Over 3,000 years ago, a tribe of war-like people swooped down from the north onto the Greek peninsula. The Dorians did not have a written language. They were not into art or music or literature. The Dorians were into war. The Dorians did not build cities. They destroyed them.

It was easy for the Dorians to conquer ancient Greece. Before Dorian rule, the people on the Greek peninsula had stone weapons. The Dorians had metal weapons. The people on the Greek peninsula were scattered all over. They did not work together. The Dorians were organized and well trained. It wasn't even a contest.

There are written records left by the ancient Greeks that tell how they moved their women and children from village to village, to try and save them from the Dorian slaughter. They collected stones and made weapons in preparation for the next battle. But all written records soon stopped. The Dorians had taken over.

For the next 400 years, the Dorians ruled.

Thanks to the Dorians the early Greeks learned to make metal weapons. Thanks to the storytellers, the early Greeks learned to work together to defeat their common enemy. Dorian rule came to an end when the Greeks learned to band together into city-states.

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