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Pegasus, the Flying Horse


Ancient Greek Myths for Kids

Pegasus was a flying horse. He was the son of Poseidon, the Lord of the Sea. His mother was Medusa, the horrible monster with snakes for hair.

Pegasus did not mind that he was born a horse. In fact, he rather liked it. Pegasus' only problem was that people kept trying to kidnap him. After all, he was a horse that could fly. Anyone could see the value of that. When people tried to kidnap him, the gods always got involved.

So Pegasus was safe, but lonely. He couldn't live with his father under the sea. He did not want to live with his mother. He was not fond of snakes. In fact, he was not fond of his mother. The other horses shied away from him. They knew he was different. He belonged nowhere.

There are many stories of Pegasus carrying wounded Greek soldiers safely from battle. Since the ancient Greek were often fighting, that kept Pegasus busy, at least, saving others. But Pegasus was still very lonely.

One day, Zeus decided to adopt Pegasus as his special friend and horse. He brought him to live on Mount Olympus. Pegasus became the famous horse that Zeus rode through the stars. Zeus and Pegasus were not just friends, they soon became best friends. Finally, Pegasus had a home! That made Pegasus so very happy. As for Zeus, he found a friend he could depend on.

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