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Mountain of Myths UNIT

Greek Mythology UNIT

Mount Olympus Mall UNIT

Climbing to the Top of Mount Olympus UNIT

Superheroes and Villains of Greek Mythology UNIT

Myths and Legends (several)

Teaching Mythology - Gods and Heroes

The Gods - Discovering Persephone (lessons)

Prometheus - The Fire Giver (lessons)

Not so ancient Greece - myths (2 week unit)

Lesson Ideas

Six Units, each 2 weeks; Ancient Greek Mythology and Literature

It's all Greek to me (Greek myths, with handouts)

Greek Mythology and the Forms of Energy (lessons)

Mythology for the Classroom (3 lessons)

The Trojan Horse

Hercules the Hero - Understanding the Myth (lessons)

Hercules - Greek and Roman Myths

Hercules - Super Hero (background, lesson ideas)


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