The people of ancient Greece lived nearly 4,000 years ago. Yet even today, their culture impacts our lives! Here are just a few of the gifts we received from the ancient Greeks.

For Kids: Gifts from the Greeks

The ancient Greeks were curious, clever,and creative. They created all kinds of inventions. Some even worked. And some we still use today! They made amazing discoveries and put them to work in the arts, philosophy, science, architecture, medicine, geometry, cartography, and more. When Alexander the Great, emperor of Macedonia, the huge empire to the north of the Greek city-states, conquered the ancient Greeks eons ago, Alexander traveled on with his army and conquered other civilizations. But he loved the ancient Greek culture so much that he carried it with him. He introduced Greek culture to other civilizations everywhere he went, and he went to a lot of places!  Two hundred (200) years later, when the ancient Romans conquered the Greeks, the Romans adopted just about all the ancient Greeks gods, goddesses, and mythical beings, along with a great deal of their theatre.

The ancient Greek ideas in science, math, art, and language changed the world. We owe them a great deal.

How did the ancient Greeks change the world?

Trial by Jury - The Ancient Greeks did not invent trial by jury, but they certainly fine tuned it

Roots of Democracy

Greek Myths - Myths we still enjoy today!

Comedy, Tragedy, Satire, Theatre

The Greek Olympics

Greek Columns & Greek Architecture

Fables and Legends

Aesop's Fables

Ancient Greek Inventions and Discoveries in philosophy and science - like the Earth revolves around the sun, the invention of the wheelbarrow, and the alphabet!

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For Teachers

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