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The ancient Greeks loved games of skill and competition and cleverness. One popular game was similar to basketball. Kickball was similar to baseball. Kids played skill games like toss the sticks into a bucket, marbles, and jackstones or knucklebones - a game similar to jacks. They played war games that took strategy, strength, and endurance to win. Kids were encouraged to play games that required accurate aim, fast reflexes, and strong bodies. The ancient Greeks were often at war. Their games helped to prepare them. Whatever their age and whatever the game, the ancient Greeks loved competition and challenge. It's no wonder they invented the Olympic games.

Play Catapult, war game (interactive)

Ride the Chariot - chariot race (interactive)

Go for the Gold - It's Greek to Me Game

Greek Pot Painter

Make an ancient Greek pot (interactive)

Vase Paintings Come to Life - Poison for Good, Poison for Evil

The Grid Club - Ancient Greece

Jeopardy Games for Ancient Greece

Quia Games for Ancient Greece - Millionaire, Rags to Riches and more


Find your way around Sparta - Interactive

Sparta Interactive

Find your way around Athens - Interactive

Athens Interactive

Mytilene - Athens Thinks Twice (a big mistake) - interactive, Athens government assembly at work

The Siege of Troy Animated Classic

3 Stories: The Trojan Horse, Troy, and Helen
(click on download, that means play audio stories now)

Read and Hear Ancient Greek Myths

Which Greek god are you? (National Geographic Kids)

Read and Hear Aesop's Fables

Online Coloring - Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Millionaire Game (interactive)

Ancient Greece Challenge Jeopardy

Ancient Greece Mythology Challenge Jeopardy (interactive)

Ancient Greece Concentration Game and Matching Game

Ancient Greece for Kids 

QUIZ: TEST YOURSELF Ancient Greece (Interactive with answers)