Ancient Greek Myth for Kids: The Lernaean Hydra - The 12 Labors of Hercules Illustration

Hercules & the Lernaean Hydra

An Ancient Greek Myth for Kids
The 2nd Labor of Hercules
The Lernaean Hydra

His second labor was to get rid of the Lernaean Hydra.

The Hydra was a big snake, a big big snake. It had nine heads. One of its heads was immortal - you couldn't kill it. King Eury made it quite clear that he did not want Hercules returning with any part of the serpent. No snake skin boots or hat or gloves.

King Eury and Hera both knew that anyone who approached the monster's den in the swamp was killed by the monster's poisonous breath. Hercules did not have a chance!

But Hercules lured the monster out of the swamp. With the help of his servant, Iolaus, he clubbed off the monster's nine heads. He burned them. But one head refused to die. It kept coming back to life. So Hercules crushed that head and buried it deep in the ground, and to this day, it was never seen again.

The 12 Labors of Hercules:

Hercules (the beginning)

The Nemean Lion

The Lernaean Hydra

The Wild Boar of Erymanthus

The Stag of Artemis

The Stymphalian Birds

The Augean Stables

The Cretan Bull

The Girdle of Hippolyta

The Cattle of Geryon

The Mares of King Diomedes

The Golden Apples of the Hesperides

The Capture of Cerberus