Ancient Greek Gods for Kids: Hermes & Mercury Illustration

Ancient Greek Gods for Kids

Hermes, Messenger of the Gods
Roman name: Mercury

Hermes was Zeus' youngest son. Hermes' mother was Maia.  Hermes was one of the 12 Olympians, the gods who ruled the magical world.

Zeus liked having his son Hermes around, even as a baby. Hermes was always full of fun. He was very bright. He had great ideas. He was a natural athlete. He had a mischievous grin. He seemed to be able to talk others into just about anything.

Both gods and humans liked and trusted Hermes. Their trust was well placed. Hermes could keep a secret. Zeus decided to make him the messenger and the deal maker of the gods. That would put Hermes in the midst of things all the time, and it would make sure that Hermes was important.

Between fixing problems and carrying messages, Hermes was part of many a myth. He knew just about everything going on in the mythical world. But he never told what he knew to hurt anyone. Hermes had a true warmth. He wanted to solve things in a way that would work out best for everyone. The gods trusted him. He could never have fixed all the problems he fixed without trust. As he grew older, he became better and better at what he did until he was the best deal maker in the world.

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