Ancient Greek Myths for Kids: The Nymphs Illustration

Water and Wood Nymphs

The Nymphs
Ancient Greek Myths for Kids

The ancient Greeks believed that nymphs were magical creatures that lived in creeks and waterways and in forests and meadows. Unless they received a helping hand, they were pretty much stuck where they were. According to the ancient Greeks, water nymphs lived in certain creeks and waterways. Wood nymphs lived in certain forests. And meadow nymphs lived in meadows. Most nymphs were considered to look like beautiful young women. Most nymphs were friendly and did nice things for people they liked.

Legend says the problem for nymphs was that mere mortals, humans, could not see them. To a mortal, a nymph was invisible. But sometimes, humans could hear them. Perhaps you've heard the expression "babbling brook"?  According to the ancient Greeks, that might not be the sound of water rushing that you hear, but maybe, it just might be the sound of a nymph talking to you. Nymphs were harmless creatures and gave comfort to those who could hear them.

Although nymphs were magical, they were not immortal, but they did live a very long time. Some actually figured out how to move about, but always had to stay in their own type - wood nymphs from forest to forest by way of the trees, and water nymphs by way of the waterways for example.

Zeus, Hera, and Little Io (the water nymph) - ancient myth retold