Ancient Greece Barber Shops for Men & Hairstyles for Women Illustration

Ancient Greek Hairstyles

The Greeks loved beauty, so it should be no surprise that they loved shiny, healthy hair. They used hairbrushes. They brushed their hair every day, over and over, to keep it as shiny as possible!

Once they were done brushing their hair, first they would check it carefully in a mirror to make sure every strand was bright and healthy.

Then, they would scent and arrange their hair. Women used scented waves and lotions to arrange their hair in highly designed and interesting styles. They also braided their hair and wrapped it up on top on of their heads. They even wore their hair sometimes in ponytails. They used headbands. They used hair ornaments to keep their hair in place.

As you probably have figured out by now, ancient Greek women had a lot of fun with their hair. There was no such thing as a beauty parlor for women. Most of the women designed their own hair styles, or directed their slaves do it for them.

Men, on the other hand, if they could afford it, went to a barber shop to get their hair cut and their beards trimmed. Barber shops existed in nearly all city states. Barber shops were social places. While getting their hair cut, they would discuss sports and politics, and exchange gossip and conduct business.

From the case files of the Hercules Detective Agency: The Bad Barber

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