Lesson Plans for Ancient Greece K-12, Activities, Projects, Simulations, Games, Quizzes, Entire Units - these lessons and classroom activites can be adjusted for any grade Illustration

K-12 Lesson Plans
for Ancient Greece


For Ancient Greece K-12 Teachers

These ancient Greece lesson plans, classroom activities, simulations, interactive games, interactive quizzes and suggested student projects can be adjusted for any grade:

Ancient Greek Olympics for the Classroom 3-4 days mini-unit with student role handouts and games

Socrates, Mock Trial, Classroom Activity (2-3 class periods, 55 minutes each)

More Simulations for Ancient Greece

Minoans, Mycenaeans, Dorians, & the Greek Dark Ages - group activity

Question what you read on the web! - critical thinking, computer lab, small group activity

Over 90 Ancient Greece Activities for elementary and middle school Kids and Teachers - some ours, some sent to us

Early & Classical Greece Units   

Ask Mr. Donn (unit review, quiz with answers, interactive)

Geography Lesson Plans

Early History - Minoan, Mycenaean, Greek Dark Ages

City-States & Government - Athens, Sparta

Greek Wars - Trojan, Persian, Peloponnesian

Gods, Goddesses, Myths

Daily Life, Homes, Women, School

Art & Architecture - Vases, Columns, Theatre

Ancient Greek Olympics

Achievements, Inventions

Welcome to Ancient Greece, Overviews & Units

Homer's Odyssey

Aesop's Fables

Famous People - Pericles, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Alexander the Great, lesson plans, Great Greeks

7 Wonders of the Ancient World (as selected by the ancient Greeks)

Test your knowledge (interactive)

Webquests & Resources

Ancient Civilizations Bingo

Interactive Games Online for Ancient Greece for Kids

Transition Lesson from Ancient Greek Unit to Ancient Rome Unit: Alexander the Great and Johnny Appleseed (6th grade classroom activity and lesson idea)