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Greek Achievements and Inventions: GIFT-WRAPPED GREEKS

  1. Preparation prior to class: Cut manila folders into different shapes.Write one thing the Greeks gave the world on each shape. There will be duplication; that's fine. Gift wrap each shape, in colorful, festive wrapping paper, along with a small piece of candy if allowed by your school. Bring "gifts" to class in a plastic garbage bag. (Bring extra garbage bags; you'll need them!) Gifts could include: Greek columns (Doric, Ionic, Corinthian), trial by jury, myths, democracy, sculpture, comedy, tragedy, theatre, the Olympics, epic poetry, and fables. For more gifts, see: Ancient Greek Inventions

  2. In Class: Pass out "gifts" from the Greeks; one "gift" per student. Tell students that these are "gifts" given to the world by the Greeks. Have students open their gifts. Have each student write a one-two paragraph report on their "gift" in the first person, explaining why "their" invention, or their gift, is of value to the world. Collect wrapping paper while students are writing. Ask if anyone would like to share their "gift" and what they wrote about their gift with the class. After some of the students read their paragraphs, post all "gifts from the Greeks" on the Gifts from the Greeks bulletin board. 

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