Free Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities for Ancient Greece Daily Life Illustration

Free Lesson Plans for Ancient Greece Daily Life

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Imagine you are a famous architect and you have just discovered the ruins of an ancient Greek home. Go through each room, carefully piecing together the clues.  One way to use this lesson idea is the have your kids work in groups. Each group is assigned a room. The group creates pieces (clues) that the other students use to discover daily life arranged by stations. Allow students to explore each station and create a list of "discoveries". Then open class discussion. 

Daily Life: Have each student write their own story about a day in Ancient Greece. Their story must be at least 5 paragraphs long. They will write as if they were telling about their own life in an ancient Greek city-state over the course of one day. They can not be a god or any famous leader or person. They can live in either Athens or Sparta, and can be a citizen, merchant, slave, or visitor. They can work alone or in small groups. When working in groups, each student must turn in their own original work, but students stories must mesh and intertwine. When working in groups, students are encouraged to know each in ancient times. Interesting information on ancient Greek daily life can be found here: Daily Life in Ancient Greece

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Trading Market Simulation, barter in ancient Greece. Optional use: Students can create products that would be needed in ancient Greek daily life to barter. This can be as simple as a word or a quick drawing. 

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