Ancient Greece Free Lesson Plans - Greece Geography Illustration

Ancient Greece Free Lesson Plans - Greece Geography

For Teachers - Lesson Plans for Ancient Greek Geography

Lesson Idea: Working in groups, be real estate agents. Give reasons why anyone should settle down in such a mountainous area. Remind students that the Greek city-states were independent from each other.  Each city-state developed from villages that grew into unique and independent city-states. They each had their own government and their own way of doing things. But, they all spoke Greek, they believed in the same gods, and they knew each other in ancient times. Sometimes they fought each other and sometimes various city-states fought together against a common foe. They were very competitive. Each city-state thought they had the best textiles, the best athletics, the best everything. The exception was ancient Sparta. What Sparta had was the best warriors. Have groups create a "For Sale" brochure or sign promoting the property they are selling in the city-state they select. Use geography to set city-states apart. Example: Wonderful views and if coastal, give the name of the sea. To better sell your location, have your kids visit: Ancient Greek City-States and Ancient Greece Geography. In ancient Greece, you could relocate from one city-state to another either permanently or for a while. Artistotle left his city in the north and moved to ancient Athens for 20 years, to improve his education and study with Plato, and then moved home. It was not common but it was allowed. Most people wanted to stay near thir families, or live with them. Others wanted to get away and start a new life n a smaller place and help it grow.

Lesson Idea: Same as above, only using the government of a city-state, looking to recruit new residents with special skills. Such an offer might come with a place to live (but not to own.)

Lesson Idea: Read short stories that use the geography of ancient Greece to tell the tale. First have the kids map the locations in the stories be they real locations or mythical locations. Then have kids working independently or in small groups write a story of their own that also uses geography to tell the tale. You can find maps here: Maps of Ancient Greece

The Ionian Sea Pirates, story for kids

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The Island of the Sirens, story for kids

The Water Rights, story for kids

Lesson Idea and Handout: Compare the geography of ancient Egypt and the geography of ancient Greece. Discussion: How did their geography differ? How was it the same? How do you think geography might have affected the development of their government and daily life? Transition statement: We have not yet discovered much about the ancient Greek way of life. Please put your completed geography comparison sheet in your folders. We'll be looking at them again later on, to see how good you are at guessing. ( We tell our students that they will get extra credit for good guessing, and that they are free to go back and add and change their comparison sheet as they learn more about ancient Greece.)

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