Ancient Greece Free Lesson Plans - Ancient Greek Theatre, Drama, Comedy, Tragedy Illustration

Ancient Greece Free Lesson Plans - Ancient Greek Theatre and Drama

Make your own Greek play- lesson plan

Characteristics of Greek Theatre, lesson plan and activity

Make a Greek Mask - Art Activity

Lesson Ideas: First have kids read about the Minoans, the Mycenaeans, and the hated Dorians. Then enter the Greek Dark Ages. The Greeks became one people during the Greek Dark Ages in a great part because of the ancient Greek storytellers. Stories were about gods, heroes, and legends. This gave the Greeks a common language and a common culture. Group activity. Have each group pick a story to tell the class. They can use posters, costumes, simple masks, but no Greek chorus unless you whisper chant. (It's gets noisy for other classrooms so you have to be careful.)

Make a Greek Chiton (from my Mom's notebook on things to do with Girl Scouts.)

This simple costume was an everyday dress for men, women and children. Kids wore it short. Women wore it long. It's made by folding a single piece of material in a certain way. You don't cut it - you just fold it! To be fancy or for multiple uses, you can use a single bed sheet to make one. To keep things inexpensive, you can use plastic cheap tablecloth.

  1. Use a single bed sheet

  2. Fold it over, until it's about the length from your shoulders to your knees

  3. Then fold it in half

  4. Use two safety pins to hold it at the shoulders

  5. Drop it over your head (with your head sticking out the hole between the two safety pins)

  6. Tie a rope around the waist. Change the length by blousing it out at the waist (pulling it up a bit so it drops over the rope belt.)

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